Horse Logging

Horse logging is for those small tracts where the land owner wants minimal disturbance and compaction of soil, to be able to select cut and to be able to skid out the logs in a manner that causes minimal to no damage to remaining vegetation.  We have two teams that can quickly and efficiently skid logs out to the landing.

Horse logging can be done for the harvest of production saw logs as well as for salvage and fire wood.  Log length and diameter can vary but generally we are limited to skidding logs that are up to 20” in diameter. 

Rates depend on location and duration of job as well as other logistical needs.  Contact us to discuss and plan your harvest. 

Live Oak Belgians can also put on log skidding demonstrations for groups such as students, guest ranches and community events who would like to see these big horses doing what they do best. 

As a fire crew supervisor, Kenn has spent many years working in the woods.  He is also a former EMT in the metro fire service.  Susan, as a former USFS Hotshot firefighter and former U.S. Army medic, is the real boss-lady in the woods.