Public Events

Our diverse collection of horse-drawn wagons and carriages are designed to cater to your private event, ensuring that every moment is imbued with elegance, tradition, and a touch of historical charm.

Whether you're envisioning a romantic carriage ride for a wedding, a grand entrance at a gala, or a quaint wagon tour for a family reunion, our fleet offers a variety of styles and sizes to perfectly match the theme and scale of your occasion.

Each carriage and wagon has been lovingly maintained and is drawn by our majestic horses, trained to provide a smooth and memorable ride. Beyond mere transportation, our horse-drawn vehicles serve as a centerpiece, creating unforgettable memories and stunning photo opportunities that will captivate your guests. With our commitment to personalized service, we work closely with you to select the ideal carriage or wagon that not only accommodates your event but elevates it, making your special day truly remarkable.

Private events can include but are not limited to:

~ Weddings ~ Anniversaries ~ Birthday Parties ~ Hay Rides ~ Private Parties ~ Holiday Celebrations ~

~Educational Talks ~ Corporate and Ranch Retreats ~

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