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Kenn first learned riding and horsemanship at the age of 7 at the Hendricks Ranch in Porterville, Calif.

In 1984 Susan was a horse mounted patrol on the Pacific Crest Trail and then went on to be a horse mounted ranger at the Saratoga National Battlefield.

In 1995 Kenn started his driving training with the Frank Leyendekker Friesian horse show team as a part-time intern.

In 1996 he also became a pick-up crew member for the Van Exel 8-horse Belgian show team with Teamster Gene Hilty.

In 2000, both Kenn and Susan joined the Live Oak Belgian farm and show team with teamster/owner Juan Erquiaga.  This is when our involvement with draft horses became a fulltime endeavor.

When Mr. Erquiaga retired from showing in 2015, he turned the team name over to us and we officially became Live Oak Belgians. 

We have been participating at the annual Draft Horse Classic show in Grass Valley, Calif since 1996 where we have done well in recent years with blue ribbons, High Point and Teamster of the Year awards.  But mostly, we love sharing our horses with the spectators.

Live Oak Belgian’s goal is to find ways to show, work, demonstrate and enjoy our horses relative to all the historic uses of the heavy draft horse.  If you have an idea or a special need, discuss it with us; we can tailor a service for you.

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