Wagon Hay Rides

We have four wagons to choose from for giving hay rides.

Our real platform Massey Harris Hay Wagon is the classic flat-deck wagon with hay-bales.  It is pulled by 2 horses and the kids can pile on.

Our Romie Red Open Air Country Wagon has bench seating, easy entry steps and carries up to 20 passengers.  This wagon is pulled by either 3 or 4 horses depending of conditions.

Our Deb’s Wagon vintage covered wagon carried up to 4 Adults passengers and provides that vintage western look.  It has bench seating and pull-out steps. It is pulled by either 2 or 4 horses.

The Hitch Wagon is an antique freight wagon that has hay bales to set on.  It carries approximately 4 Adults and can be pulled by 2 or 4 horses.

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