The McCarty's are horse log skidding and fire mitigation specialists

Kenn and Susan McCarty are both retired from the wildland fire service with both state and federal fire agencies. Together they have 33 years of experience in the woods doing forest thinning, burning and firefighting.

Kenn was a fire Captain, hand crew supervisor for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

Susan worked on a US Forest Service hotshot fire crew and was a US Army Reserve Medic.

As a property owner, your three levels of fire protection are:

1.Your property must be prepared to survive the passing of a wildfire on basis of its own merits… this is defensible space.

2.Your second level of fire protection are the built-in systems you have installed to allow you to physically defend your property such as, fire breaks, water storage or water access for fire use, fire extinguishers, fire pump and hose equipment.

3.Your third line of defense is your local fire department

Let us help you improve your 1st line of defense.

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